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No Nonsense Muscle Building

The best part is that you won’t have to ditch your favorite foods. You won’t have to go to the gym more than 3 times a week either
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Power Development

This program isn't going to take away your gains or make you spend hours learning super-technical moves.

Custom Physique 1:1 Coaching

While optimal results are always the main goal, the best program in the world won't work if you can't stick to it.
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The majority of all adult illness is due to degenerative processes, also known as the progressive impairment of both the structure and function of part of the body with aging. This includes most cancers
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Elite Wellness

Elite Wellness offers a full range of fitness and wellness programs. Our whole body wellness approach is built around the following key components
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Personal training with Mr. Health and Wellness

There are many benefits to personal training with Mr. Health and Wellness. Clients receive specialized training on proper form and technique for their individual body parts and areas of challenge.
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Candlelight Yoga with Tibetan Singing Bowls
Saturday April 4, 2015 (6:30 PM - 7:45 PM)

600 Towne Centre Blvd #400, Pineville, NC 28226 USA
Participants: 2 attending · 1 maybe · 0 declined

Join us for a candlelight flow class set to the live and enchanting music of Andrew van Blarcomb’s magnificent Tibetan singing bowls. These bowls create waves of vibration designed to align the energy centers and create a deep state of union with your practice.

Event Admission: $5

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High-Protein, Low-Carb Mac And Cheese Sauce

Later, Alfredo. Drape your pasta dish with this guilt-free, protein-packed sauce instead.
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Chicken Breasts with Green Chile-Almond Cream Sauce

Chicken Breasts with Green Chile-Almond Cream Sauce
Here we topped seared chicken breasts with a green chile cream sauce that was inspired by green mole. A touch of cream adds an extra smoothness to the sauce, but it can be omitted if you avoid dairy. Serve with brown rice and a tossed green salad with mango and red onion slices.

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Reverend Sean Parker Dennison

"The ability to see beauty is the beginning of our moral sensibility. What we believe is beautiful we will not wantonly destroy."
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Wellness Challenge

Take the
30 Day Push-up Challenge 30. Mar 2015

Day 1 Start with 10 push-ups and increase by 10 every single day until day 30. For example: Day 1 = 10 pushups, Day 2 = 20 push-ups, Day 3 = 30 push-ups and so on. #pushup

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@sassytorya #FitFriday #FlexFriday #fitness #fit #fitppl #athletes #bodybuilders #trainers #aesthetics #greatbod #gymjunkies

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Advice to My Younger Self

A couple of friends called for advice about a job interview and what was holding back career goals. I told both of them that their anxiety was indicative of their age. I was not being condescending. If you mature as you age, wisdom and growth accompanies that. When you are young, you believe you know it all. The cautionary warnings and advice "old folks" tell you go ignored because you are young and invincible. My dad had a phrase he would say when I said something naive, "Keep on living. Life will teach you a thing or two, just keep living."

My dad's words proved true. After living a little on this earth, I look back at my younger self and shake my head. I wasted tears on people and invested my heart where I received heartbreak and pain in exchange. Besides being a fool in love in my 20s, I had a very idealistic, self-righteous view of the world. When you start living in this world and expose yourself to different people and experiences, you realize how little you know and how much you have to learn. Growing older made me value the wisdom of my elders. My granny would say, "I earned every gray hair." As a child, I would stay at Granny's house and listen to her stories. As a teenager, I had less time for stories because I was becoming an adult.

Life gets better with age if we allow ourselves to listen to wisdom and knowledge of those that have walked this path before us. In giving friends the benefit of my good, bad, and ugly experiences, one asked me what would I tell my younger self generally and business and career-wise?

Be patient. It is not all that serious. Pick your battles. Everything is not worth the argument. Enjoy the little successes and moments. Do not waste energy on people who do not deserve it. But do not be so quick to write people off -- mercy and forgiveness are powerful. Do not be afraid of being vulnerable.
I never thought of myself as a business person because law school does not teach lawyers to be businessmen, even though running a law practice is a business. I assumed writing would help me be a philanthropist, but I did not know how that would happen. Right now, I am concerned about being business savvy and understanding my brands (Ronda-isms, Matrix Navigation, and Auntie Ronda's Snack Mix). I reject a lot of "offers" because my associations and affiliations are a representation of me. One core value for me is being true to myself -- authenticity. I am learning what it means to be a businesswoman and entrepreneur and what works for me.

Have a plan. Have a backup plan. Know when to abandon the plan. Be flexible. Take risks. Do not reinvent the wheel. Do not be afraid to ask for advice. One of my friends did not like the work culture and environment during her interview, yet she was worried about not getting the job. Remember that you are interviewing them as much as they are interviewing you. Ask questions. If you accept the offer, this will be your work "family" for 40-60 hours a week. If they gave a bad vibe during the interview, it is not going to get better. Do not be afraid to reject an offer. If it is not a good fit, walk away.

Old folks say patience is a virtue. I was impatient in my 20s into my early 30s. This generation wants everything quick and fast or they lose interest. Nothing happens like that. In fundraising, studies revealed that although social media helps garner attention online, in order to convert likes to donors and mission followers requires the tried and true old fashion method -- sweat equity via relationship building relationships

A friend who is a life coach told me that there are three steps to dreams/visions. A devotion I read broke it down as follows: (1) birth of dream; (2) death of dream; and (3) resurrection of the dream. The birth of the dream is me focused. The death of the dream is when it seems like all is lost despite your efforts. The resurrected dream has a vision and purpose beyond you. Give things time. Not everyone you need to work with are seasoned or at a stage where they can develop and grow with you. You must help develop them and have the wisdom to recognize who is not growing and needs to be pruned from the  team. Not every offer of assistance is worth it.

It takes nine months for a baby to be born. The birth does not mean the parents are ready or know what they are doing. The joke is that parents need to have at least two kids because the first time around they are so worked up about doing it right. By the time the second child comes around, the neurosis settles down. What happens between the birth of the first child and the second is a season of learning, growth, and maturing as a parent with the benefit of experience, disappointments, and smiles along the way. I suggest reading Six Reasons Why Parenting a Toddler at 50 is Much Easier Than 30. I recommend it because they are the same reasons why life gets better as we age.

My life's motto is: "Get wisdom, get understanding and forget it not...Wisdom is the principal thing, but with all your getting, get understanding." -- Proverbs 4. It is my sincere desire that as I grow in wisdom and knowledge that I never lose my ability to understand the struggles and heart of the common person. Shame on me if I look down on those who are walking where I once stood.

This article was originally posted on Ronda's website, Ronda-isms: Good Bad Ugly.

Photo Credit: Jeta B Photography

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Happy #FlexFriday.... Remember the greatest muscle you can develop is #HEART!! This muscle will take you further in life then any a Bicep, Chest, Quadricep, etc. Flex it daily with kindness, work ethic and integrity.. Be the light in your social circle.
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